It's easy when you know how.



Go for it. It won't hurt.




With a little practice, you will learn how to handle them.



Make the first move.


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Ad*Access: Beauty and Hygiene: Feminine Hygiene: 1920s


    --shaped to fit, --softened to ease, --deodorizes to protect, The Improved Kotex 1928
    "Amazing--so many women must learn this from others" 1929
    "Don't Be A 'Fraid-Cat, Mother, There's No Danger" 1929
    "Don't Fuss, Mother, This Isn't So Fast" 1929
    "Hard to say, but I often have to warn the girls" 1929
    "I wish all girls knew how important this is" 1929
    "If only I could tell this to every business girl" 1929
    "It has women's enthusiastic approval!" The Improved Kotex 1928
    "It is trying- but women must face this fact." 1929
    "Marvelous...the freedom with this new sanitary protection" 1929
    "Step On It, Mother--This Isn't The Polka" 1929
    "They're Cute, Mother--A Cotton Nightie Is Primitive" 1929
    4 Reasons the Doctor Says "Use Kotex" 1928
    5,000,000 Women Have adopted this new way in personal hygiene 1925
    A Great Hygienic Handicap that Your Daughter will be Spared 1926
    A most convenient vacation item 1923
    A New Benefit to Womankind 1920
    Above All Things This Brings You Peace-of-Mind 1926
    Active Women of Today Are Free 1927
    All Dealers Now Have the New and Improved Kotex 1928
    Because it's Smart... Fastidious... Dainty 1929
    Charming, Immaculate, Exquisite 1924
    Come On, Mother--Be A Sport 1929
    Concealment Assured when this new sanitary pad is worn under filmy frocks 1929
    Every mother should tell her daughter this 1925
    For Your Women Guests 192x
    Free... mail coupon below to Ellen J. Buckland, G.N. 1924
    Gayest of Frocks- Sheerest of Light Summer Things 1927
    Health first 1929
    How the Society Woman, the Debutante, Meets the Demands of Daily Modern Life 1925
    How War Nurses Found a New Use for Cellucotton 1921
    Hygienic Freedom 1927
    It took 2 years to perfect the Improved Kotex 1928
    Kotex 1921
    Kotex- indispensable to women away from home 1924
    Kotex: A Suggestion- buy Kotex before leaving the store 1923
    Kotex: Ask for them by name 1921
    Kotex: Insure poise in the daintiest frocks 1921
    Kotex: Kotex completes Milady's toilette, insuring perfect poise 1923
    Kotex: Meets the most exacting needs 1922
    Kotex: Women everywhere prefer Kotex 1923
    Leave it to Betty to be Comfortable 1929
    Misty Gowns and Filmy Frocks 1925
    Misty Summer Things 1927
    Mother Don't Be Quaint 1929
    Never a Hygienic Worry 1927
    Now... A New Way in solving woman's oldest hygienic problem 1924
    Present styles demand an inconspicuous sanitary pad 1929
    Scientific Frankness 1924
    The Filmy Gowns That Women Wear 1927
    The Girl of To-Day Demands Perfect Freedom and Comfort 1929
    The Safe Solution of Women's Greatest Hygienic Problem 1927
    This Ends the Worries of Old-Time Hygienic Methods 1927
    To Guard Against Emergencies 1922
    Two exclusive new features in the Improved Kotex 1928
    Under the Most Trying Hygienic Handicaps 1927
    What the World Expects of Women Today 1926
    What the World Expects of Women today 1928
    Why 9 out of 10 smart women instinctively prefer this new sanitary protection 1929
    Woman's Happiness 1925
    Women Lose 1926
    You dispose of it 1922
    Your Allure 1925
    Your Fear 1925
    Your Life will hold more contented days 1925
    Youth Rejects old-fashioned sanitary makeshifts that women used to consider "good enough" 1929

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Ad*Access: Beauty and Hygiene: Feminine Hygiene: 1930s


    "83% of my mail says...Wondersoft Kotex ends chafing entirely!" 1934
    "Can't Chafe" means more than ever on active Summer days! 1936
    "I'll Tell The World Of Women 1939
    "O-o-o-o-h!" That hideous feeling of panic--now ended by the new "Certain-Safe" Modess 1935
    "Thank goodness for Wondersoft Kotex" 1935
    "Women welcome frankness when talking about these Kotex advantages" 1935
    3 delicate situations saved! 1934
    50% of Canada's leading hospitals now use the same absorbent of which Kotex is made 1930
    85% of America's Leading Hospitals now use the same absorbent of which Kotex is made 1930
    A 45c item that brings $1 sales 1930
    Absolutely new 1932
    Active days are here again 1938
    Active outdoor days demand this comfortable, lasting sanitary protection 1930
    All Day Long, You Need The 3-Way Protection That Only Kotex Offers! 1937
    An improved sanitary protection 1930
    As free as though you were Ten years old 1937
    Be sure when you buy sanitary pads specify Kotex 1930
    Because it stays soft... stays comfortable 1930
    Beware of pads "just like Kotex" 1931
    Carefree Comfort For Any Woman 1937
    College Girls Lead the Way 1938
    Confessions of a Private Secretary 1939
    Confidential...To Women Only 1938
    Discard old ways...welcome the new! New 1934 Wondersoft Kotex 1934
    Don't Give Up Athletics any day of the month 1939
    Every Day of The Month Is a Day of Freedom 1936
    Facts about sanitary napkins! 1938
    FIBS, The Kotex Tampon, It's Quilted 1939
    Free...The Book You've Longed For...And That Your Daughter Needs 1935
    Greatly refined in quality, conveniently compact for travel 1930
    Have You Been Told-about Tampax? 1938
    Have You Wondered, "How Shall I Tell Her?" 1935
    Here's new comfort... New Freedom From Embarrassment For Your Daughter 1934
    Here's real comfort in sanitary protection...specify Kotex 1931
    Hickory Sanitary Belts are approved and recommended by leading medical authorities 1930
    I am completely at ease 1931
    I Confess! 1939
    In summer you need this inconspicuous sanitary protection 1930
    Invisible Protection Now Perfected! 1938
    Know What It Is... To Enjoy Perfect Comfort 1930
    Kotex announces the new Patented Equalizer 1933
    Long Known To Doctors...Now Discovered By Women 1938
    More Women Than You Think-Use Tampax 1939
    New Kind Of Sanitary Protection For Women 1938
    New Way to Insure 1938
    No Belts No Pins No Pads No Odor 1939
    Nothing like it! Equalizer Kotex 1933
    Now 3 Types of Kotex to suit different women- and for different days 1935
    Now great advance in sanitary protection, Equalizer Kotex gives 20 to 30% greater protection! 1933
    Now... an Improved Curads still further refinements in quality 1930
    Old ways seem crude once you know the lasting comfort of Kotex 1930
    Only Kotex Offers 3 Types 1937
    Protect Your Health the way millions using Kotex 1931
    Put Yourself in this Picture 1939
    Sanitary Goods Week! 1930
    She Doesn't Even Think About It! 1935
    She knows it's a dangerous compromise 1932
    So dainty herself 1932
    Some Call it Luck 1939
    Telltale revealing outlines gone, the new Phantom Kotex 1932
    There Is No Average Woman--Because it's right for you doesn't make it right for me! 1939
    There Is No Average Woman--she said-"If I were you"--but I said-"Well, you're not!" 1939
    This is the Life! 1938
    This New Sanitary Protection For Every Normal Woman 1937
    To Help Your Daughter Into Womanhood...Send For This Free Book 1935
    Trust no substitute because "it looks like Kotex" 1931
    What every woman ought to know about safe sanitary protection 1930
    Why do minds misbehave? 1935
    Why endure needless chafing When Wondersoft Kotex Prevents It 1935
    Why Patients so Enthusiastically Prefer Tampax 1939
    Woman's World Remade 1937
    Women ask me: "What Does Kotex Offer That Others Don't?" 1936
    Women! End Accident-Panic! Ask For The New "Certain-Safe" Modess 1935
    Women! Kotex Price Reduced 1932
    Wondersoft Kotex Meets the Comfort Demands Of Modern Women 1937
    Your poise and charm are safe with this deodorizing protection 1930

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Ad*Access: Beauty and Hygiene: Feminine Hygiene: 1940s


    $25,000 Free! 1943
    ...Today's Kotex 1942
    "8 out of 10" know a secret- do you? 1944
    "and Meds are only $.19 now!" 1944
    "Be not the last to try the new"...a good rule 1945
    "for real comfort, try Meds internal protection!" 1945
    "I Didn't Know It Was So Simple!"-to use Tampax 1942
    "I don't feel like swimming today" [Still The Same Old Excuse] 1943
    "I want to tell everybody...about Tampax!" 1942
    "I want to wear slacks today-but I can't" 1943
    "Internal protection is the Modern way!" 1944
    "It just isn't fair!" 1941
    "It's a cinch to draw a stack of $1.08's from a $250,000 jack pot!" 1943
    "It's Quilted" that's why women choose FIBS, The Kotex Tampon 1940
    "Meds 'safety well' gives extra protection!" 1945
    "Meds internal protection is so comfortable!" 1945
    "meds' internal protection is more comfortable!" 1944
    "My Daughter Feels So Sure Of Herself" 1943
    "My Mother was a Flapper!" 1940
    "with Meds internal protection I feel so safe!" 1945
    1942 Swim Suits really Call For Use of Tampax 1942
    26 days in April? 1945
    Absent With Out Logic 1944
    After the Nurse had Discussed it frankly... 1943
    Are you young enough to try new things? 1944
    Assuredly YES 1945
    Calots because 1949
    Can You Trust Tampons? --And when? 1942
    College girls learn something Not In The Books! 1947
    Cotton for comfort! Applicators for daintiness! Safety-well for security! 1944
    Do you belong? 1944
    Don't be so conservative! 1942
    Don't Resist The Trend to Tampax 1943
    Don't Wait Another Month before using Tampax 1940
    Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo 1941
    Fit as a Fiddle... 1942
    Free as the wind... 1944
    Free! $25,000 In Cash And War Bond Prizes 1943
    Fur bracelets and dog collars because 1948
    Get Young Ideas-use Tampax 1942
    Girls in Slacks at War Plants Hail Tampax 1942
    Got any secret longings? 1941
    Happiness is a gay ribbon... 1943
    Haven't you longed for comfort-in-action? 1946
    High school girls could tell mothers a thing or two! 1947
    Housewife: Meds mean comfort to me! Business Woman: Meds mean convenience to me! College Girl: Meds mean freedom to me! 1947
    How much freedom can a career girl enjoy? 1947
    How times have changed 1945
    I wish my Daughter would-- I wish my Mother would-- 1941
    If 8 out of 10 could whisper to you 1944
    Imagine! New Modess Now Has A Wonder-Working Deodorant Sealed In Every Napkin! 1945
    Improvements Will Happen 1944
    It really takes a Woman who can use her own Imagination 1944
    It takes a woman to understand... 1943
    It's a "Green" Girl... 1940
    It's A Hit! Try It! The napkin with the triple-proved DEODORANT! 1945
    It's A Real Surprise when you really understand Tampax 1940
    Keep going in Comfort! 1941
    Look Back To The Days before Tampax 1941
    Loveliness is a moon-touched flower 1943
    Mary Knew All The Answers! 1942
    Modess... because 1948
    Modess... because 1948
    Modess... because 1948
    Modess...because 1948
    Modess...because 1949
    Modess...because 1949
    Modess...because 1949
    Modess...because 1949
    More Summer Comfort--at lower cost--with Meds! 1943
    Mother and Daughter-Which can teach the other? 1944
    No More Look-Of-The-Month-use TAMPAX 1942
    Now! 3 Sizes of Modess! 1948
    Off to Work We Go!... 1942
    On Hot "Perspiry" Days... 1941
    Out of sight--out of mind! 1943
    Perfected by a woman's doctor 1943
    Reduction Of Female Absenteeism 1944
    Safety of internal menstrual protection 1944
    Sh-h-h-h Listen in! (The Girls are Talking about Tampons) 1941
    Sharp Eyes Cannot Tell with Tampax 1941
    She who hesitates about Tampax is losing time 1945
    Smile- Sister, Smile! 1942
    Socially Alert Women Use Tampax 1941
    Summer Discovery (Tampax cannot chafe!) 1943
    Summer Luxury Year-round Luxury 1947
    Tampax Appeals To The Intelligence Of Women 1944
    Test your Hollywood Knowledge... 1940
    The girls you'll Never Meet- 1944
    The Memory Lingers On 1942
    The Modern Way to think about "those days" 1945
    These modern girls need Tampax 1942
    This Summer More Women Are Turning To Meds! 1944
    To meet every individual need... 1940
    Twice as effective! Modess with Deodorant 1945
    Vacation Discovery! Glorious Freedom Now with Tampax! 1941
    War duties lead many women to use Tampax 1943
    War Workers are strong for Tampax 1944
    What Ruth Learned At College 1943
    What's New in Tampons? 1940
    Where are the Bloomers of yesteryear? 1940
    Where is the line between generations? 1945
    Which Tampon can you trust--and when? 1942
    Which Tampon Can You Trust? 1942
    Who are they? - It's Confidential! 1944
    Who would know better than the girls in white? 1947
    Why Do American Girls rate First For Charm? 1946
    Why was I born a Woman? 1941
    Why waste your dimes? Keep up with the times! 1944
    Wishing won't make it so! 1941
    Women are becoming rebels-easy to see how... 1944
    Women at War! Pay Attention to Tampax 1943
    Women Teachers! 1944
    Worry?-But Why? Get Modess with the triple-proved deodorant! 1946
    Wrapped, it looks like a box of note paper...or bath salts...or candy...or facial tissues 1949
    You can stay at home and still discover new things! 1947
    You're the fun in his furlough 1942

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Ad*Access: Beauty and Hygiene: Feminine Hygiene: 1950s


    A Modern Mother Won't Fail To Tell Her Daughter These Intimate Physical Facts 1950
    Are You A Modern Mother Who Can Frankly Tell Your Daughter These Intimate Physical Facts? 1950
    Can Single Girls Wear Tampons? 1952
    Do You Wonder or Are You 'Hep' to the extra advantages of this Intimate Feminine Hygiene? 1950
    How a wife's false modesty can "freeze" her husband's affection 1950
    How can he explain to his sensitive young wife? 1950
    How Can It Be Tactfully Told to a sensitive young wife? 1950
    How Close Are You To Your Daughter...Can You Tall Her These Intimate Physical Facts? 1950
    Like to swim? 1952
    Modess....because 1952
    Modess....because 1952
    Modess....because 1953
    Modess...because 1950
    Modess...because 1950
    Modess...because 1950
    Modess...because 1951
    Modess...because 1951
    Modess...because 1951
    Modess...because 1951
    Modess...because 1951
    Modess...because 1952
    Modess...because 1952
    Modess...because 1952
    Modess...because 1952
    Modess...because 1952
    Modess...because 1953
    She was baffled! How about you? 1950
    So humiliated when she realized the cause of her husband's frigidity 1950
    the New Shape in the News 1951
    The New Shape is the news 1950
    The New Shape is the News 1950
    The New Shape is the News 1950
    The Talk Turns to Tampons unkn
    The Tweed Pull-over! 1951
    This is a picture of a BOON 1952
    Those questions on a mother's mind... 1951
    To all women who have never tried tampons 1952
    True or False? 1950
    True or False? 1950
    True or False? 1951
    Young Wives-Listen! get these 'extra' advantages in Intimate Feminine Hygiene 1950
    Yours Free! 1952




以上1920s~1950s平面廣告連結   感謝Duke University免費提供資源


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Unicharm官方網站~ 全日文....凡妮莎看不懂...sorry...XD



2007年以前產品的中文翻譯在此.... 請對照圖片購買~~~






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飽受陰道相關疾病所苦的我,在亞洲單車旅行結束後,到書店買了一本翻譯的女性聖經來惡補自己殘缺的性知識,才更一進步知道這月事杯在美國叫「the Keeper」。在紐西蘭時,曾經嘗試在藥房尋找它,但是似乎並不是太多人知道它。直到我暫時在Adelaide落腳,我才又想起,我應該擁有一個月事杯。

依據統計,每名婦女一生使用「1萬」個棉條或棉片。這些棉片棉條造成的垃圾量和花費是很大的。我很高興有機會省下這筆錢和垃圾。在網路上輸入 "menstrual cup"或是"the keeper"就可以蒐集到許多相關資訊(有的網站甚至教你自行製作可反覆使用的衛生棉)。

月事杯,像個小杯子,開口大,底部較小,連有一小段把柄,用來將月事杯移出體內。我花了一早上看這些資訊。美國"the keeper"算是歷史比較悠久的廠牌;類似的產品,是新興的"the mooncup"──月亮杯。兩個基本上只有材質上的不同,以及因此顏色上的不同。我選擇了英國的月亮杯,原因很簡單──比較便宜,只要18.9英鎊,包括國際郵資。而且可以有三個月經週期的試用期,若不喜歡可以退還。一個禮拜後,來自英國的月亮杯就躺在我的信箱裡。



參考資訊: 月事杯及相關生理用品資訊
Ting from ADL, 30 Apr., 05



台長 : 在她方


英文版的"棉條與moon cup比較", 請看




 欲訂購Mooncup 請至英國官方網站選妳喜歡的尺寸





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寂寞的衛生棉條  李性蓁  (20050902)




    衛生棉條早在一九二九年,便由一位美國醫師Earle Haas發明,一九三六年正式上市,歐洲方面則由西德一位女醫師於一九五○年發展推出,早已是項新產品了,但眼看著台灣的衛生棉有了翅膀,染了多彩顏色,散發出了香味,面對櫃子起碼有數十種選擇,然可可憐憐縮在一邊的衛生棉條,似乎還停留在希臘女人以麻布綑綁木條的代替品的時代,毫無進化。







轉錄自中國時報 人間咖啡館三少四壯集

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凡妮莎很高興有這個機會可以完成這次活動,讓大家分享其他跟妳有一樣使用小棉條習慣女生的想法。往後還會再舉辦類似的活動唷~~大家要努力的細心的深刻的紀錄下來學習使用小棉條兒的旅程,就如同我所說的,當女生是一件很幸福的事情,我們不應該被悶熱不方便的生理期給打倒了,對不對?  ^_^









  說到棉條....剛開始第一次看到的是ob的棉條(台灣好像真的只能買到ob)是在我阿姨家的浴室,那時候超好奇的,所以我就偷偷把盒子打開來看,但是我也搞不懂那是要做什麼的....白白短短的一條,當時也好像只有手推式的吧(已經是六七年前的事情囉!!),後來實在覺得太好奇了,就跑去問我阿姨啦...結果她大力跟我推薦!!她跟我說那是衛生棉條,而且超好用...完全不用擔心外漏。不過我回去問我媽,我媽說沒有性經驗的女孩子最好不要用.....所以我就不敢嘗試囉!!一直到上大學以後,因為我算流量還蠻多的吧,所以每次那個來都很不舒服常要擔心外漏,晚上睡覺更悽慘@@而且肚子都會超漲的!!還要墊超長的綿綿...Q_Q 。我不管剛來或是要結束,都要墊超長32公分的夜用超長型綿綿...真的很不舒服,或是把兩條綿綿接起來變成40公分超超長那種,我媽還叫我去買嬰兒的尿布,試過超多方法,真的要哭出來了!!後來,有一次因為綿綿的網狀設計,我好像有點過敏吧...結果起疹子,又紅又癢真的很難過,覺得整個人心情都被影響(會覺得很丟臉,因為很癢@@,這真的一點也不誇張....)所以我就不管那麼多了,我下定決心要換小棉條兒來"挑戰"看看...(又期待又怕受傷害!!)。

















  慾望城市中,除了那個鏡頭,還有另外一次我印象深刻的是Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte跟Miranda一起進女廁,Carrie從她的宴會小包包裡面抽出了一支小棉條兒分給Charlotte用,那是我第一次明顯的感受到小棉條兒的方便性,再小的包包都可以裝小棉條,完全不用遮遮掩掩。我還記得我國中的時候去廁所,口袋都鼓鼓的因為放了兩片衛生棉(量多時一次都要用兩片,連起來用),去廁所的路上還要遮著隆起的口袋怕被男生發現,或是生理期跟男性朋友去吃飯的時候,我說:"對不起,我去一下廁所",男生就會問:"那妳拿個大包包幹麻??我們可以幫你顧啦!!",然後那些笨男生就會被我旁邊的女生瞪!!!。這些經驗相信大家都有過,所以我覺得很幸運~~很幸運可以脫離那種遮遮掩掩的生活,生理期來的時候只要從包包抽出一支像糖果的東西,輕輕握在手掌心就可以去廁所了。


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